Frankie Say Relax - 10 Tips to Help You Chill Out

I am tightly wound. I plan every detail of my life, down to what time I want to be finished with dinner at night. I try not to be such a planner, but I can't help it! It's in my bones! Thanks for at least making my planner life fun, agendas

 NBC / Parks & Rec

NBC / Parks & Rec

But sometimes all my planning and strategizing gets into my head and I feel trapped. My heart races and I start cleaning anything and everything, for no reason whatsoever. I hate days like this. Fortunately, I've taught myself how to relax. Now — I am by no means any expert on the inner workings of the human body or brain. If you are feeling unbelievably overwhelmed, you should speak with a professional (seriously, it helps). These are just the tricks that help me calm down when I'm feeling stressed or anxious, and I hope they work for you too.  

1. Lay with your feet above your head and your legs against the wall

Denisse and Mimi thought I was insane for the longest time whenever I suggested they do this. Our weekly meetings can get a bit intense and heated. Running a magazine is hard work, ya'll! It's easy to feel the tension coming from one another, or feel like one of us is on the verge of a breakdown. And every time, without fail, I know these two know that I'm going to suggest this pose. I learned about it in college from a particularly wonderful yoga instructor, and I am forever grateful to her. Whenever I'm feeling stressed, sad, tired, overwhelmed...basically any of the things, I do this pose. Even five minutes with your legs up against the wall can help to ease whatever pain you're feeling, and relax you. Check out this video below for a full breakdown.

2. Lush Bath Bombs

I know, I know. I'm basic. But I really think there's something magical in these little bombs. I put one in my bathtub, watch the color explode in the water, and happily climb in (probably clutching a Harry Potter book). With candles burning in my Himalayan salt tea light holders and a Lacroix on the edge of the tub, my stress melts away. 

3. Cook yourself a fancy dinner

Step one: Go to your Pinterest page

Step two: Find the most complicated recipe you pinned but knew you'd never make

Step three: Purchase all necessary ingredients

Step four: Play episode one of the podcast Mystery Show (trust me).

Step five: Proceed to get lost in the recipe, and enjoy the delicious outcome.  

A complicated recipe may seem stressful, but diving into an unknown area can be a wonderful distraction. 

4. Take a shower

Tried and true. I love the act of showering, but hate the aftermath (when my hair is a rat's nest and I have to do my makeup). But there's something about the hot water washing the day off you that helps everything reset. Everything seems a little easier after a long shower.  

5. Essential oils are your best friend

Grab a bottle of lavender, eucalyptus, or peppermint oil, and rub a bit on your temples and wrists, and inhale. Exhale. And do it again. 

6. Clean the bathroom sink

Grab your rubber gloves, a bottle of bleach, and a rag. Get to work. It sounds strange, I know. But just the feeling of having a clean and disinfected sink that you see multiple times a day makes everything feel better. And hey, clean the toilet while you're at it. 

7. Drink three glasses of cold water

One right after the other. I'm a firm believer that what you put in your body greatly affects how you feel. Rehydrate. Flush your system out.  

8. Sit outside for a while

Get some fresh air and listen to the birds chirp. Play a game on your phone, read a book, do nothing. Just breathe in that crisp air and hold onto your day a little longer.

9. Watch You've Got Mail

That movie has secret powers. Tom Hanks is magical. Meg Ryan is a goddess. Nora Ephron is a genius. You'll be calm as soon as you hear the AOL dial-up in the opening credits. 

10. If all else fails, have a good cry

No explanation necessary. Just grab a box of tissues and let it all come out. Just don't go on for too long. You can do this. You're strong. You're a Lady Hustler. 

These are just a handful of the tricks I use to calm myself down when my world comes crashing down. What do you do when you're feeling overwhelmed? Let us know in the comments below!