7 Reasons We're About Ghostbusters

The original Ghostbusters is a classic. If you're a comedy nerd, chances are if it's not one of your favorites, you at least hold it in high regard and acknowledge it for the comedy icon it is. So when they announced they were making an all new Ghostbusters we were stoked. When they announced that the main characters would all be women…WE FREAKED THE HELL OUT. While many argue that this movie was not a worthwhile endeavor, we beg to differ. So, please excuse us while we gush about the seven reasons we LOVED the new Ghostbusters.

1. Females are strong as hell

We know not everyone gets jazzed about watching ladies be smart and strong and capable, but we definitely do. We know it probably feels like we're beating a dead horse to a lot of people at this point.

"We get it. Ladies are people too. You have the right to vote. Shut up about your vaginas already."

But if you could have felt the sigh of relief and quickening of our hearts when we got to watch a movie where females we've looked up to for a long time played smart and interesting action heroes who were not being constantly sexualized, I'm sure you'd understand why so many of us can't stop talking about lady positive media. We don't think you have to have a vagina to appreciate that.

2. Kate McKinnon's kick-ass ghost fighting moves

We don't happy cry very often, but Kate McKinnon's ghost fighting moves actually made us tear up at one point because we were so excited about how freaking awesome it looked. And not to mention how not naked and cleavage-y she had to be to nail this role.

3. Sexy scientist talk

We have yet to do a fact check, so we're not sure if any of it actually made sense and we're not a hundred percent sure they were actually saying real words. If we're being honest though, the 10 year old with a large collection of Popular Science magazines in us thought it was still super fun to watch Kristen Wiig spit carefully practiced pseudo-science jargon.

4. Honestly…Chris Hemsworth

Freaking THOR played the sexy secretary and he OWNED it. We highly doubt Chris Hemsworth needed this role, but this role needed him. One of our biggest issues with the original Ghostbusters is that peppered throughout are thinly and not so thinly veiled misogynistic jokes and overt female objectification. Don't get us wrong, we're big fans. We wish Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd were our grandpas. But if we're being honest, many of the characters they play are gross as hell and make us super uncomfortable at times. We can appreciate their comedy and still acknowledge that, in our opinion, it could be better. So, when this reboot came along, we wondered how their female counterparts would handle sex related humor. Enter, Chris Hemsworth.

Chris's character is ditzy. He is terrible at his job, but it quickly becomes apparent that he gets to keep it because 1) Kristen Wiig finds him attractive and 2) No one else applied. What is so different about Chris's role as opposed to so many of the female sexy secretary roles that came before him is that Chris is so clearly in on the joke. He is never in physical danger (the one time Kristen Wiig makes an unwanted advance, he simply walks away and she respects his disinterest), it is clear he is never worried about losing his job if he rejects unwanted advances and some of the objectifying jokes are made by Chris himself, "Which of these makes me look more like a doctor?"

5. The special effects are so much better than the original

Skip that latte, save the extra $3.00 and use the extra cash to see it in 3D. Mimi didn't see it in 3D and regrets it because there were so many moments where it would have improved the experience. Olivia did see it in 3D and justified this regret.

We love the original Ghostbusters, but can we all agree that the special effects were lacking simply because it was the '80s and we just weren't there yet?

They're ghosts, so using the word "realistic" to describe the special effects would be silly, but they are at least more believable than the last time we all sat down to watch a giant Stay Puft man walk through Manhattan.


Although the main cast was lady centric, the movie was definitely not lacking in hilarious men. There were a few golden character actors in this film that took the cast to another level of fantastic.  personal favorites were Zach Woods' portrayal of a traumatized tour guide, Nate Cordry as a snarky graffiti artist, Michael McDonald as a shrieky theater manager and Karan Soni as the unimpressed delivery guy.

7. It blows the Bechdel Test out of the water

The Bechdel Test (named for cartoonist Allison Bechdel) is a simple ruler by which to measure gender equality in media. The test simply asks, "Do two female characters have a conversation with each other about something other than a man during the course of this film, book, tv show, podcast, commercial, cartoon strip…etc.?" It might seem silly, but you'd be surprised how many movies fail this test. So it was really exciting to watch another movie that not only passes the Bechdel test with flying colors, but sets an even higher standard for the portrayal of females in film in general. Our friend Sophia wrote a whole blog post about this topic here. It should be noted that this test does NOT take race or ethnicity into consideration. If it did, Ghostbusters would definitely be lacking, but we have hope for the future!

This movie is far from perfect. And despite many a fan boy's argument, neither was the original. We know it did not deviate much from the original storyline, and we're honestly not that mad about that. One day we hope to have tons of non-sexualized, lady centric, comedy/action movies, but for now we have at least one that we can show the comedy nerd girls that come after us. And if you stay until after the credits stop rolling, there's a hint that soon we might have two.