Hustle Chat with Jayme Orr

Jayme Orr is a musician from outside of Detroit, Michigan. Recently, a video she made in her car while waiting to hear her song on the radio for the first time went viral. It was featured on the Today Show, Ellen Nation, and Mashable (just to name a few). Her Debut EP, Healed, comes out on April 30th.

LH: Tell us a little about yourself!

JO: I currently live in my very first apartment in Novi, Michigan. As far as hobbies go, I love exercising (kickboxing, weightlifting, cycling, etc.). I also love crafting. When I moved out I really started getting into making things to decorate my place with. I made really cool collage wall for inspiration.

LH: How did you become interested in singing/songwriting/making music in general?

JO: I don’t think there was a finite moment where I said, “This is what I’m gonna do now,” it’s just always been a part of me. I’ve always loved to entertain and loved to sing and write songs. I think I realized I could turn in into a career when I started playing bar gigs a couple years back, so I picked up the guitar and learned every song I could with my experience and then I got out there and started hustling and playing as many shows as I could. I really fell in love with songwriting when I started collaborating with other people and realized I was kind of good at it. There’s nothing better than the feeling of finishing a song and really loving it, except maybe hearing it on the radio for the first time. 

LH: What was going through your mind when you were making that (now viral) video?

JO: Honestly, I was just thinking, “Welp, I might be sitting here waiting for a minute, might as well make a fun little video”. A friend had asked me to film my reaction so I said why the heck not!? Plus, it was such a gorgeous day out!

LH: Were you expecting the response you got from it?

JO: Not. At. All. If you would have told me that that little video was going to go viral, I would have laughed.

LH: How does it feel to wake up and suddenly have hundreds of thousands of people watch a very emotional and exciting moment of yours?

JO: It was incredible; I couldn’t believe it! I woke up to a phone call from my mom saying I was on The TodayShow and I was in shock. Just so crazy how much the internet has changed things.

LH: What has been the best part of this overnight viral fame?

JO: The fans. All the love and support, it’s incredible. I put A LOT of hard work, time and money into recording these songs and being recognized for them and people liking them… that’s all I could ever ask for. As a musician in this day and age, getting yourself out there is the hardest part, finding your audience isn’t easy when everyone is inundated with content all the time. Now there are people ALL OVER THE WORLD know who I am and support my music and that’s really a dream come true.

LH: Do you have any message in particular that you hope to share with your music? What does being a Lady Hustler mean to you?

JO: For me, my music is a catharsis, it’s where I dump all my emotions, it’s what helps me get through my hardest times in life and if my music can do that for other people then, my job is done. Being a lady hustler to me just means showing other women and girls that we can do it! That our voices and our ideas and our opinions matter. That there is more to a woman than her looks. Women have an innate compassion inside of them that is really special, but society tells us it’s a weakness. Ladies are not weak, we’re strong, and no one can take that away from us.

LH: If you HAD to choose one: dolphins or whales? Dogs or cats? Koalas or pandas?

JO: Dolphins. Dogs. Pandas.

H: Where can people find you online?

JO: @jaymeoreo is my handle for pretty much everything (Twitter, IG, Pinterest), and they can pre-order the EP at

LH:  What advice do you have for your fellow Lady Hustlers?

JO: You get back what you put out. I think we need to rearrange how we teach our youth. Not just saying, “Do this if you are being bullied…” but instead, “Don’t be a bully”. What goes around comes around. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Also, PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE! I went into this release as if it was going to blow up and I was gonna be a huge star because ultimately that was my goal so I had everything set in place accordingly.

Thank you so much for having me! xoxo