Feminist Enough

STEFANIA TEJADA via Lenny Letters
STEFANIA TEJADA via Lenny Letters

#FreeKesha has been in everyone's newsfeed lately. Thoughts, opinions, donations, support, solidarity. It's a trending topic - and for good reason.

But one article stood out to me above the rest.

Okay, I'll admit: I'm a sucker for anything that has to do with Taylor Swift. I love her, I know every word to all her albums, I spent half my paycheck to see her live, the whole shabang. But I clicked on this article because I knew it was about something different.

It seems every week someone new has a feud with Taylor. Undoubtedly it's because she's beautiful and extremely successful and her success has made her a focal point of the public forum, but it is tiring. And somehow even Kesha's heartbreaking story has turned into another Access Hollywood story about Taylor vs. (insert any female pop star here). Suddenly, we all care that Demi Lovato thinks Taylor isn't speaking out enough or fighting enough or donating enough. Suddenly, a rare moment in history where most of this country has come together to support a hurting woman has turned into another bitch fight. And frankly, I'm sick of it.

I'm sure Demi had the best intentions, and was simply fed up with the sexism in this country; we've all been there. She has since apologized for her comments . (http://www.people.com/article/demi-lovato-kesha-dr-luke-taylor-swift-comments)

But really, this issue is bigger than Taylor Swift. A woman is being declined a right to make her living in a comfortable atmosphere, without fear, for the sake of upholding a contract, and yet the focus has been diverted by a subsequent conflict.

The conversation surrounding this story has made me upset for one single reason: women are, yet again, putting each other down for not being enough. Not feminist enough.

There will always be a battle about what makes someone a good feminist, but why can't webe supportive in spite of disagreement? If we believe that men and women should be equal, aren't we, by definition, feminists? I was not aware that feminism is on a sliding scale.

Demi's initial issue with Taylor was that she was not SAYING enough, that she was not lobbying or speaking out publicly enough, but personally I come from the school of thought that money DOES talk. Tweeting potentially controversial things at 2:30am costs you socially, and donating $250,000 just costs you. We all pay a price for standing with the things we care about, especially when they may be unpopular stances to take. It is not our job to judge our fellow women for how we support, but to continue to support each other in spite of disagreements.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely encourage the idea of pushing each other to do more and be more. We need people who are willing to fight for our equality, because without them we'd get nowhere. We need people to make their voices loud, and support others doing the same. Because If we don't support each other in our own movement, those outside of it will never support us either.