Don't Get Too Comfortable

I’ll keep this short and sweet: comfortable can be a bad word.

It should be up there with all of those other expletives. Including the f-bomb and the ones you yell when you’re shouting in traffic or just stubbed your toe. “Comfortable.” Ugh, it makes me shudder.

Whisper that word to yourself right now.

Did you do it?


There are only a few places you should be comfortable in. Your bed, on an airplane (unless you’ve checked in late, then it’s poor middle seat you coupled with a tiny toddler attacking the back of your seat) and in a bathtub. You should have at least one place to retreat and come back to. That place could be your home or that cozy little shop on the corner. But when it comes to life, when it comes to creating a name for yourself and hustling to get stuff done, throw comfort out the window.

You see, comfortable has a way of disguising itself as temporary happiness. It has a way of telling you everything will be okay as long as you let him in. And sure, maybe things will seem okay for a bit as you lay there in bed, surrounded by layers of blankets and mounds of pillows that form ever so perfectly beneath your neck. But that’s the thing, it’s temporary. Like that dusty Redbox rental you’ve got sitting on your desk. You can’t keep it forever (I mean you could but it will cost you and what good comes out of keeping something like that?).

My friends, do not surrender. For comfort is the ultimate distraction from what it is that you actually want to accomplish today. Say yes to projects that you’d never say yes to! Go to the places you’ve been too afraid to explore. Take a new route to work today.

It’s going to feel weird at first. Your body might go into shock. It may ask what the heck you’re doing and tell you to STOP. But stand your ground. Be firm. This is YOUR adventure. And if you don’t step outside of your little comfort zone, you just might miss out on something great.


Patience Randle of Where the Wild one Roams