Saturday Night Ladies

It's my favorite time of year: Saturday Night Live is back! The female castmembers are solid this season, and not one, but two amazing Lady Hustlers have already hosted. Last week, Miley Cyrus hosted, and was an excellent sport, as always. I especially appreciated her beautiful rendition of Frank Sinatra's, "I Did It My Way" featuring Kim Davis, Rachel Dolezal, and other ridiculous people who have made headlines in the past few months. Last night, Amy Schumer killed it, hosting for her very first time! SNL means so much to me, mostly because it proves over and over that anyone who says, "Women aren't funny," are ridiculous humans who live under rocks. Here are just SOME of my favorite SNL skits featuring just SOME of my favorite Lady Hustlers.

  1. Gilda Radner: Judy Miller Show

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Gilda is everything. She was a pioneer for female comedians, and is remembered fondly by all. Unfortunately she died too young after losing her battle with cancer. I never knew her, but I still miss her dreadfully. She embodies so much of what I think it means to be a female comic and entertainer. This skit is so simple, yet so funny. It resonates with me because I remember doing everything she does in the skit when I was young. The best comedy tells the truth, and Gilda had such a special talent for conveying the truth of life in a hilarious way.

2. Molly Shannon: Mary Catherine Gallagher

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Oh man, Molly put in work on this one. Her physical comedy is flawless, her energy is unrelenting, and her timing is on point. They even turned this character into a feature length film (not nearly as good as the skit, but I still consider it underrated). Check outSuperstar next time you need a laugh!

3. Cheri Oteri: Sparton Spirit

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I love this skit so much, I dressed as Cheri Oteri in this skit for Halloween one year. Best part: when they have whole conversations with people off screen. FREAKING ALEXIS.

4. Rachel Dratch: Debbie Downer

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Rachel has always been a back and forth for me. I like her, but I appreciate her work as a straight (wo)man more than her comedic work. Regardless, Debbie Downer is a classic. It's very difficult, but totally worth it, to find humor in the most depressing moments of life. This skit is also famous for causing everyone involved to break. Kudos to Rachel for (almost) always being able to keep a straight face.

5. Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler: Bronx Beat

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Maya and Amy have too many good skits to chose "their best" one, so I chose one of my favorites featuring both of them instead. I feel like this skit resonates best with North Easterners because most of us are related to a Jodi or a Betty. They actually based this skit off of two ladies that worked in the wardrobe/makeup department of SNL. It basically just answers the question, "What if your aunt from the Bronx/Queens/Brooklyn/Staten Island/Long Island had a talk show?"

6. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler: Bitch is the New Black

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Oh girl, oh girl, oh GIRL. The dream team. These ladies are so funny apart from each other, but they are unstoppable together. I think my favorite part about this skit is that they weren't selfish with their comedy. They killed their portion, and then they let Tracy Morgan seal the deal later in the segment with the line, "Black is the new president, bitch." The best comedians are selfless with their comedy because they know everything is funnier when you partner well. Thank you, Tina and Amy, for always being wiling to set up the ball as often as you spike it.

7. Kristen Wiig: 1920s Party

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Kristen is one of my all time favorites. She showed up just as I really started watching SNL religiously and I'm pretty sure I teared up when she left (I love everything you're doing though, girl. TheSkeleton Twins was amazing!). She's as good (if not better) a writer as she is a performer. She has the magical ability to create moments that are extremely moving and relatable, and at the same time, hilarious. She performs from the heart, and it is evident in everything she does.

8. Cecily Strong: The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation with at a Party

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The ONLY reason I'm glad they took Cecily off of hosting Weekend Update is because I missed this character SO much.

9. Nasim Pedrad: Shallon

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Nasim has a lot of lovably ridiculous characters like this one. She's such a stunning woman, I'm always so surprised that she plays an awkward, little child so well. I wish more girls grew up with the blind confidence and leadership skills that Shallon has.

10. Kate McKinnon: Bieber

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This lady was the saving grace of SNL after a BUNCH of key cast members left almost all at once. She does so many things very well, but her Bieber is GOLD. I think it's especially funny because she's not so much trying to sound or look like Justin Bieber, but emit the "essence" of Bieber. Her Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton are pretty A+ as well.

Welcome back SNL! I look forward to seeing everything else you'll create this season!

What amazing SNL Lady Hustlers did I miss? Post your favorite skits below!