Tuxes, Tuxes Everywhere

"I laugh thinking about if they ever tried to do "Who wore It Best?" for men's magazines. They wouldn't, because no one would care. Men don't care which men looked better in the same clothes because it's so obviously a huge waste of time." - Mindy Kaling in her new book, "Why Not Me?" --

Award season is usually an excuse for all of us to look at incredibly successful actresses and pit them against each other for the sake of objectification. The day after the awards are given you can find most Americans sitting in their cubicles, sipping a fresh cup of coffee, and clicking through images of beautiful women in stunning gowns. Immediately following this comes a conversation with co-workers about the best and worst dressed.

So, why does this happen? Why do we focus on the way these women look instead of their dedication to the hustle and labor to their careers? We don't do this to men. We never have. And here's why: it doesn't matter. The way these women look in no way affects their work. There are no awards given for best dressed.

On the other hand, the actors at these award shows have the privilege of being seen for their true talent.

So let's try a men's version of "Who Wore It Best?", shall we?

Who wore this tux better?

Matt LeBlancGettyImages-489361716_master.nocrop.w840.h1330.2x

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What about this tux?


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How about this tux? Oh look, it's exactly the same.


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And finally, who wore this tux better? I'm seeing a pattern here...


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These talented men all wore nearly the exact same tux, but their appearances were never pitted against one another. Had these images been women wearing the same clothing, the "Who Wore It Best?" polls would be endless. So let's change this conversation.

No, we are not encouraging a culture that begins comparing men to one another based on their choice of clothing, but rather one that eliminates the need to do this to women. Let's discuss the talent of all of these hardworking men and women. Let's discuss their dedication to the art. Let's discuss their hustle.


**Photos by Getty images and Huffington Post



Olivia Taylor | Co-Editor