Jess Glynne Track by Track Review


English Lady Hustlin' powerhouse Jess Glynne stole our hearts with her Clean Bandit collaboration, "Rather Be." I don't know about you, but that was my 2014-15 anthem. She's been a hit on Youtube, blessing us with covers of songs by The Weeknd, Amy Winehouse, and countless more. Earlier this year, Jess gave us a scare when she pulled out of a music festival because she needed vocal surgery. Now she's back, and she's basically shown up with an entire album ready to blow our minds. Her album, "I Cry when I Laugh" is full of life, feeling, recovery, and lots of dancing. Well, at least on my part there's dancing. Lots of dancing.

  • "Gave Me Something," isan upbeat, soulful track that makes the PERFECT opening for a great album.
  • "Hold My Hand." Another dance track that is more on the pop side. Here, Jess shows off her incredible range and versatility.
  • "Ain't Got Far To Go" Honestly should be the Lady Hustle Anthem of the Year. It's full of confidence, strength, and a fantastic beat. This might actually be my favorite track on the album. We're only at track three though, so I'll probably say that at least three more times.
  • "Take Me Home" A calmer beat, because Jess knew that after all that dancing, we needed like a four and a half minute break to avoid a cramp and passing out. Aside from the fact that the lyrics are phenomenal, in this track Jess highlights her vocal strengths and talents in a very raw way. I think my favorite part about this track is that you can hear the vulnerability in her voice. I also love the way she's extremely convincing. I'm like yes girl, where do you live? I'll totally give you a ride home!
  • "Don't Be So Hard On Yourself" I've decided to make this the Lady Hustle Anthem too. It's the perfect song to let go and dance to after a sucky day. And come on, as Lady Hustlers, we all have those. Cry it out, feel it out, dance it out to this song. You'll thank me later, trust me.
  • "No Rights No Wrongs" After you shake it off and you feel better about stuff, this song is going to prepare you to keep it moving. This one involves more dancing and lots of looking in the mirror and telling yourself, 'You got this,' cause well.. Jess says you do!
  • "You Can Find Me," is the song to sing to people when they're upset because you're hustling so much they think you forgot about them. It's the perfect, 'Hey I haven't changed, I'm just working super hard' song.
  • "My Love" In this song Jess gives you another dance break, and strips down in this raw, beautiful, sweet song. What I love about her 'ballads' is that they're still real. Although don't get me wrong, I enjoy the "only in the movies" kind of love song just as much as anyone else, but this one is a different kind of love.
  • "Rather Be," by Clean Bandit featuring Jess. Can't tell you how many times I looked insane as I danced in the middle of traffic to this song. It's brave, fun, and transparent. A relatable hit for everyone.
  • "Saddest Vanilla," featuring Emeli Sandé. So remember when I mentioned that I was probably going to have another favorite before the end of this album? Well this is my second favorite. Being a huge Sandé fan, this collaboration immediately made my heart flip a  few times.
  • "Why Me," This definitely has that same soulful feel Jess opened up the album with. Full of emotion, process, recovery, and fantastic vocals. This is a chill, two-step, bass-y song, making it the PERFECT ending to a great album!

Click HERE to listen to "I Cry When I Laugh," and enjoy a live performance of "Don't Be So Hard On Yourself" below.